Wednesday, March 30, 2005

look mom, one hand!

I suppose it might be nice if i had an entry for march. since most of my computer time is spent with a baby in one arm, it's kind of difficult to get up the initiative to compose thought provoking, fabulous essays on my life (because all my blog entries are fabulous, right?)

surprisingly, i'm getting pretty good at one handed typing. I'm now faster than my husband is with two hands. i think this actually is a reflection of how much time i sit here feeding a baby at the computer, but i don't want to think about that.

so anyway, if you happen to discover a misspelled word or typo, blame it on my hand restriction. it has nothing to do with an inherent inability to spell. really. i can spell. really.

oh, and the lack of capitals? definitely the one handed typing. have you ever tried to capitalize while typing with one hand? exactly.