Thursday, October 30, 2008


computer that is. I have no clue where the supposed "virus" is on my blog. I have no clue how it could have gotten on the page or why it's so "dangerous" when you don't actually download files from here, but whatever.

So if anyone can give me an idea of how to fix the virus warning I'm getting from my virus protection program, I'd love to know. It tells my it's in my temporary Internet files, but I can't get to the right folder to delete the problem. How do I get there, because the "my computer" file route isn't giving me what I need.


and my bum still hurts. new guess is that I did break my tail bone rather than just bruise it. Lovely.

But in good news, I have Libby's Christmas dress half done and the matching doll dress completely done. I'm excited because they are matching what I pictured in my head when I planned them and I love it when that happens. Pictures coming soon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why you should ignore dirty towels after 11pm

I fell down the stairs Saturday night. thank you all for your sympathetic wincing. I do appreciate it. There were dirty dish rags in the sink, leftovers from the all day apple cider making marathon (50 quarts, btw.) I thought to myself, "I'll just take these downstairs and get them in the laundry now so the sink doesn't stink in the morning." Myself was interested in the idea and agreed to go along with it.

The dog agreed to go along with me too, although I didn't invite her. She decided to lead the way and then about halfway down the stairs she thought better of that without telling me. That's when I slipped. The first step wasn't that bad. It was the other two that did me in.

Luckily nothing is broken, but sitting is somewhat painful. So is walking. Standing's not so bad until my feet get tired.

I'm just so looking forward to sitting on the bleachers for Joshua's last football game tonight. I did manage to get out of church (yea! I got to lay down instead of sit on hard chairs for three hours.) but I don't think I'm getting out of this football game. He sort of needs me there.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Following in Daddy's (sport) Shoes

Sarah signed up for a sport today. She didn't tell us she was going to do this and she didn't really plan it. Some of her friends were going to sign up, so she joined in on a lark. One of the boys razzed them, not believing they would follow through and really join the team. This, of course, made Sarah even more determined to join.

So my daughter is now a wrestler. A wrestler. I'm still very uncertain about all of this. Part of me wants to put my foot down and tell her no, say it's not appropriate, good girls don't wrestle. Part of me is ready to go cheer her on. It's tearing me up.

Daddy, of course, is all for it. "Right on!" he said when he heard the news. He's very excited for her and happy she wanted to join the team.

The coach, strangely enough is happy to have girls on the team as well. He's already planning on the purchase of girls' singlets for the team. It surprises me that they make such a thing as girls' singlets, but I guess times have changed.

We're a long way from the instigation of Title 9. I guess we'll see how my girl does in the 105 weight class. She's strong and she's stubborn. Sort of like the perfect mix of her mom and her dad.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Following Through

I love to look at magazines. I especially love the ones like Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart with their lovely picture perfect homes. I love the dinner party ideas with decorations and themes and great food. I always wanted to have a real dinner party with friends. I wanted them to show up dressed up and eat under candle light. I've wanted this for years.

Tonight I finally did it.

I served dinner to ten of my very best friends. We sat twelve at two tables pushed together. I always said my house was too small for parties but it fit us all just fine with the couch taken out of the living room. I made table clothes and napkins. I decorated with gourds and silk leaves and cute little acorns. I cooked all day and served, to be completely immodest, a very good four course dinner.

I had a moment when we sat down to eat, everyone paused just before the prayer, where I felt overwhelmingly grateful for the chance to be together as friends. I admit I teared up just a little. It felt so good to finally follow through.

There's something I've learned from my friends this year. It's something I thought I had learned back in college, to be honest. Just do it. You want to do something? You want to go somewhere? Just do it. We've had a great year with lots of socializing with lots of people. When my friends say "we need a girls' night." We all say "how's Saturday for you?" and it happens.

I love that.

I can be a very passive person. It has been a great lesson for me to break out of my shell and really actively pursue friendships and a social life. I've been a lot happier.

Two of our friends who sat at that table with us are moving shortly. We'll never again all sit around a table together. I can almost kick myself for not having a party sooner so this wouldn't have been the first party; it would have been the third or the fourth or whatever. I won't let time pass me by again.

I'm tired. My feet hurt. I never want to look at chicken cordon bleu again. I don't care because it was all worth it. I followed through and it was everything I hoped it would be.

Monday, October 06, 2008

I have a book, do you have a book?

My friend Helena sent us a present a while ago. She sent us The Happy Hocky Family. You need to have this book too. It's about a first grade reading level (slightly higher in places). Libby can read it and she loves it now.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Non-buyers remorse

We got a new bed last weekend. It's new to us anyway. We are in that socio-economic bracket where getting used furniture from relatives is still considered a good thing. It's not one I would have chosen, being dark cherry stained and very fussy, a tall, carved fourposter with acorn finials. We have to climb into it every night because it's so much higher than our last bed (Hollywood frame, no headboard.) It's nice and the mattress is better than what we had previously.

Even though I'm happy to have a bed and not just a frame (which was totally a step up from the years we just left the bed on the floor. I can't believe I just admitted that.) It still doesn't fit my picture of what I want my bedroom to be.

The other day I was just browsing at Overstock in the bedding department and ran across this bed set: Branches It would have been perfect for my room. The french blue, the modern pattern that would tie the simple lines I love in with the dark cherry fussiness of the bed. Perfect.

Only I didn't buy it. they sold out of the queen size of course. I hate it when I do that.

I do try to keep our budget in check. I want to be better with our finances and so I will deny myself things I want. For the most part, this is a good thing, but this time I'm sad and I'm annoyed with myself and now I hate my bedding set because it's not french blue with cream colored branches.