Friday, October 03, 2008

Non-buyers remorse

We got a new bed last weekend. It's new to us anyway. We are in that socio-economic bracket where getting used furniture from relatives is still considered a good thing. It's not one I would have chosen, being dark cherry stained and very fussy, a tall, carved fourposter with acorn finials. We have to climb into it every night because it's so much higher than our last bed (Hollywood frame, no headboard.) It's nice and the mattress is better than what we had previously.

Even though I'm happy to have a bed and not just a frame (which was totally a step up from the years we just left the bed on the floor. I can't believe I just admitted that.) It still doesn't fit my picture of what I want my bedroom to be.

The other day I was just browsing at Overstock in the bedding department and ran across this bed set: Branches It would have been perfect for my room. The french blue, the modern pattern that would tie the simple lines I love in with the dark cherry fussiness of the bed. Perfect.

Only I didn't buy it. they sold out of the queen size of course. I hate it when I do that.

I do try to keep our budget in check. I want to be better with our finances and so I will deny myself things I want. For the most part, this is a good thing, but this time I'm sad and I'm annoyed with myself and now I hate my bedding set because it's not french blue with cream colored branches.


Helena said...

That happened to me recently with something in the Coldwater Creek outlet section. It sold out while I was looking at it. Now it's back but I'm still waffling.

Shaunte Wadley said...

Amy- Just get the King! I am assuming you have a queen bed? I do too, but I always get King comforters. They just go longer on the sides. It looks just fine. It is a pretty bedset.

Amy B. said...

Shaunte, I totally would except my duvet is a f/q and wouldn't fit a King cover.

although maybe I can get a King sized duvet . . . hmm. You've got me thinking. ;)