Friday, February 22, 2008

Deep Sleepers

My children are anyway. They've been trained that way.

Thursday is Steve's music night and has been for the last six years or so. He likes to get together with his music friends and jam. This was his band rehearsal night for back when he was in a band. Sometimes the guys went somewhere else (because you always go to the drummer. Drum kits aren't near as portable as a guitar.) Sometimes they came to our house.

This is why my kids are deep sleepers. The bassist always brings his amp, although he's been nice lately to bring his smaller one and not the one that's the size of a Shetland pony (the small one is about the same size as our dog.) Last night there was an electric guitarist in the mix. He's new to the group and according to Steve a very good guitar player. We also had a pianist and her husband (on the Seagull guitar) here for the first time. It was quite a crowd. It was also loud.

The kids fell asleep and stayed asleep.

This is what you call training. After six years of jam sessions in the living room, those kids can sleep through anything.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Baby Pictures

Isn't he cute? I got to go take Keith's picture yesterday.

His daddy stuck around for pictures too. I think Keith was happy about that, don't you?

This is Keith's whole family, dog and cat included. The cat is starting to get a bit jealous of baby, but is still curious and mostly indifferent. The dog thinks the baby needs a herd dog to take care of him and will come get Mommy or Daddy if baby cries.

I also have cute feet pictures. I'll only subject you to my favorite:

You're welcome.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brand New Nephew

Born just last night. Isn't he sweet? He looks a lot like his daddy. Weighing in at 9lbs 2oz, he was definitely ready to come home.
Here he is with his mommy. I'm going over next week to do family pictures of the three of them. I'm looking forward to it.
This is the whole thing from Libby's point of view. She wanted to take pictures, so I let her point the camera and press the shutter while I held it up to her eye. She did a surprisingly good job. This one cracks me up. It's all baby.

We had a good visit and we were very happy to go welcome little Keith to our family.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just a few pictures

So I got out my camera this morning for the first time in ages.
I know! So shocking.
But somehow they still know how to pose.
and keep posing.
and even more adorable posing.
Silly posing followed immediately by a stereo of "let me see! let me see!" Kids love digital cameras.

Matt of course could be nothing but silly. I usually have him tell me jokes to get a natural smile out of him. It's a trick that works for all ages actually. As soon as they know what a joke is, you can get them to tell you one. They forget about the smirk and suddenly you have all sorts of opportunities for real smiles. Love that trick.

BTW, aren't they darling?