Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just a few pictures

So I got out my camera this morning for the first time in ages.
I know! So shocking.
But somehow they still know how to pose.
and keep posing.
and even more adorable posing.
Silly posing followed immediately by a stereo of "let me see! let me see!" Kids love digital cameras.

Matt of course could be nothing but silly. I usually have him tell me jokes to get a natural smile out of him. It's a trick that works for all ages actually. As soon as they know what a joke is, you can get them to tell you one. They forget about the smirk and suddenly you have all sorts of opportunities for real smiles. Love that trick.

BTW, aren't they darling?


Micki said...

Amy, that second photo needs to be framed and hung in your house - GORGEOUS!! I can't believe how old she looks!

Carin said...

Amy great pictures!!!

Freer Family said...

Wow, they ar growing up so fast. Great shots!