Thursday, January 24, 2008

1 more room down

Ok, not completely done, I still need curtains and baseboard (and yes, I do plan on washing the window. Please excuse the filth.) It is close enough for the kids to be using it, and boy howdy, do they. They love having the toys all together in one room. It's even been fun to finally have a place for mister cow chair. Isn't he cute? Sarah picked that up in 3rd grade with her AR points and we've just never had space for him on the floor before.
I would love to have some more sophisticated shelving, but I'm happy that everything looks neat and tidy with what I do have. One of these days I'm going to surf on over to HGTV's website and see if I can nominate myself for a room make over. I'd love to have one of their shows redo that room. Keeping in mind of course, that the house must sell and the room will be seen from the front room. (Who am I kidding. I would expect lime green and orange with funky built ins from a tv show make over.)
PS. See the cute little pink house? That was Libby's big Christmas present. She adores it. She invites me to come in and play with her often. It's two pieces that nestle inside each other so we can make it smaller when she's not playing with it.


Kristi said...

Looks great, Amy!!

Carin said...

Amy it looks wonderful!

Helena said...

That looks like a great space!

We have a pink hippo chair that we have a hard time finding space for. Friends keep giving us awkward stuff.

Carin said...

In an effort to see more of you here on your blog I have tagged you! ;O)
Check out my blog for details :O)