Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How to Drive Yourself Crazy in Three Simple Steps

1. do way too much in Dec. Really overwhelm yourself with projects so that you completely neglect all housework.

2. Go visiting family for the entire week of Christmas. You should only be home long enough to toss laundry in corners and dump presents and junk places.

At this point when your house looks worse than it has in months you kick in the final step:

3. Decide to host a New Year's Eve party for your preteen and her friends.

We spent all day NYE cleaning house. It was not pretty. I was stressed. Sarah was tired from all the cleaning, but I got to be the cool mom. Sarah had nine friends over. We had a borrowed Wii in the basement and a borrowed XBox 360 (with Guitar Hero) upstairs in the play room. We also set up board games in the living room. When they first arrived, we had a Nerf dart gun fight range all over the house. Everyone had a blast, but I forgot to take pictures.

We did do such a good job cleaning, though, that that house is still clean.

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