Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He's got me pegged

Last night at Dinner, Joshua decided to bring up the subject of his birthday party, the one that won't happen for four months. Joshua likes to start asking for things early in the hopes that the long period of whining will wear down our resistance. I should just send him to the UN because he could bring peace to the world. The countries of the world would all stop pointing their guns at each other because they would all be pointed at our house as punishment for making him an ambassador and not just letting him be the most successful car salesman ever.

Joshua decided he needs a sleepover party this year and he felt the need to negotiate the number of guests he could have. We let the kids have fewer guests for sleepovers than we do for evening parties. I figure it evens out the work load a bit. So there Joshua was pushing for more guests (yes four months early) and I responded, "Let me put it this way, Joshua, do you want a sane mom after your party or a crazy mom?"

"Well, it really doesn't matter either way, does it? You'll just be crazy no matter what." says Joshua.

Not the way to get yourself a party, buddy.


Holly Child said...

KIDS!!! That's hilarious!! ;o)

Helena said...