Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Not Only President, I'm Also a Member

Ah, Bedlam. Wanna know why i haven't updated lately? Huh? wanna guess? Because I think I've finally dropped over the edge of crazy, that's why. I actually cried on the phone to Steve on Friday over a baby shower. Why? No one cares if the cheesecake is pretty or if I have the proper candy bars to melt into baby diapers. (It's a party game.) It's cheesecake for heaven's sake. They'll eat it if you have to scoop it out onto their plates with a spoon. Sigh.

This was last week:
Sunday: Sub in Sunbeams
Monday: wash walls and patch drywall in playroom. Remove everything from the room including carpeting.
Tuesday: paint playroom. Two coats. Also clean.
Wednesday: Carpet layers came. It looks lovely. Also, I prepared a presentation for church youth group on photography, because Teenagers always love to be lectured to. (and why does the 2nd Counselor's wife always glare at me? Dude. What did I do?) Also do laundry and clean. Also clean out the girls' bedroom.
Thursday: Clean house for that evening's party. Host party. Make diaper cake. (it's diapers put together in a three layer cake shape. I'll post pictures when I have them.) This was my easy day.
Friday: Clean boys' bedroom. Do laundry. Make two cheesecakes. Prepare games for baby shower. Also attend meeting and go shopping. (and apparently lose it at 4pm on the phone, which does get dinner made by someone else.) Assign candy bar diaper game to sister in law who could do it without going crazy. Nice sister in law.
Saturday: Finish one of the cheesecakes. Move everything you can out of the kids' bedrooms so the carpet can be laid on Monday. Get everything ready for baby shower. All before 11 am. Go to Mom's. Help them get ready for baby shower. Go early to shower to set up. Host shower. Stress the whole time because I can't relax when I hostess. Clean up shower (it was a success! Everyone liked the cheesecake. It wasn't ugly after all! yea!) Relax until 8pm, (except for the time I spent helping make dinner and helping clean up, but there was lots of help so that wasn't bad.) go home and bathe children.
Sunday: Go to church. Come home and proceed to break the sabbath by finishing up emptying the bedrooms. Go visit family. Come home and put children to bed in family room. Help husband rip carpet up in the bedrooms.

This week:
Monday: Carpet is laid. It looks lovely. vacuum the fuzzies. put bedrooms back together. clean house. Kids are off school. Find a plumber who can get the dang water heater out of the kitchen. I want to start remodeling that!
Tuesday: Kids are off school again. Probably put the playroom together.
Wednesday: I might cry again. This time in relief. I do intend to find a book. And a nap. A nap would be good.
Also: feel guilty all week because it's "Fill the Temple Week" again for our stake and I won't make it.

Do I get my padded room yet? And when I come out could someone make dinner first?

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Thom said...

I don't know about the padded room, but a nap would be good. You should take a nap.