Monday, October 20, 2008

Why you should ignore dirty towels after 11pm

I fell down the stairs Saturday night. thank you all for your sympathetic wincing. I do appreciate it. There were dirty dish rags in the sink, leftovers from the all day apple cider making marathon (50 quarts, btw.) I thought to myself, "I'll just take these downstairs and get them in the laundry now so the sink doesn't stink in the morning." Myself was interested in the idea and agreed to go along with it.

The dog agreed to go along with me too, although I didn't invite her. She decided to lead the way and then about halfway down the stairs she thought better of that without telling me. That's when I slipped. The first step wasn't that bad. It was the other two that did me in.

Luckily nothing is broken, but sitting is somewhat painful. So is walking. Standing's not so bad until my feet get tired.

I'm just so looking forward to sitting on the bleachers for Joshua's last football game tonight. I did manage to get out of church (yea! I got to lay down instead of sit on hard chairs for three hours.) but I don't think I'm getting out of this football game. He sort of needs me there.

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Helena said...


I don't think I'd have any trouble ignoring dirty towels after 11 pm. ;)