Monday, February 28, 2005

The Loud crashing sound is a good thing

Most people would never think of taking a large group of children bowling unless coerced by the evil birthday party gods. However, since we tend to take a large group of children around with us just about everywhere, we didn't let it deter us from some "family fun." OK, so it took a two years for us to go after our son started begging, but hey, can't give in to begging, right?

So we show up and get the shoes. Four children immediately sit down on the carpet in front of the counter to change their shoes. Guess we forgot to tell them you are supposed to take your shoes to your lane and change there. so we create a traffic hazard for ten minutes while my children try to get their laces figured out. Shoes are on, time for bowling! except the three year old insists on running off and daddy already took off to the lane with the baby . . . without the diaper bag, coats, or any of the other kids. thanks, dear.

Three year old rounded up. we find our lane, explain the rules, and get our score card filled out. Rules completely escape our children. The whole sit down while other people bowl seems to have been explained in a foreign language. I try again to explain it. nope. still don't get it. Daddy trips over somebody. Bound to happen, of course. We threaten to take away their turn. Now they fight over the scoring seat, but they are sitting.

The kids take their turns. They crack me up. I teach them the granny ball rolling thing. They all do it with their bums up in the air holding the pose for at least a minute while their ball creeps down the lane. And the balls do creep. It takes more than a minute for their balls to travel the the length of the lane. Daddy gets impatient at one point and tries to play pool by throwing another ball after the first to knock it faster. It doesn't work and Mommy gives him a good talking to.

Somehow in all this, I bowl my best game ever (love the bumpers!) The three year old gets a spare, the four year old doesn't even realize how badly she's doing, and the others are laughing.

We decide we should do it again sometime. but not before I teach the kids to sit!

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amygrendell said...

I loved reading your posts - you certainly have a way with words :)