Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little Blue Box

This little blue box:

see that messy desk underneath it? that's proof that it's mine. UPS dropped it off for me yesterday afternoon and it sat there posed and pretty all afternoon. I did get that little giddy feeling seeing a blue box in my house.

Steve saved for nearly two months to buy this for me. He saw it at Christmas time when finances were getting tight. Oh, you want to know what was in it? Just this:

Pretty huh? It looks even better on. It's from Tiffany's Frank Gehry collection. Steve knows I love Gehry's architecture. He says it's to represent all the things he knows I dream about and that he would love to get for me but can't right now.
I love my husband. He did good.


Kristi said...

Very pretty, Amy!! I love that it has some special meaning behind it, as well!!

Shaunte Wadley said...


That is awesome! I would treasure a cat turd if it were wrapped up in a Tiffany Blue box!

You are so lucky! That is a beautiful piece of jewelry....very thoughtful.

tgrdina said...

How sweet and it's beautiful. I would say your hubby is a "keeper"!

karen said...

Wow! That's beautiful! What a great hubby you have - he thought ahead, thought about meaning, ordered it and had it delivered. OOOOH! Lucky girl!