Monday, May 21, 2007

Photographic Proof of my Insanity

Friday night, I realized that I had just hours to complete the family room project before Steve came home, so in the midst of my panic, I invited Sarah to help. Joshua overheard me ask her; Rilla overheard him ask me if he could help; Matt overheard Rilla getting excited about painting; Libby just followed us down without asking. I ended up with all five children excited to paint. I was sunk. There was no getting out of it at that point, so I just started handing out rollers. I didn't have enough for Libby to have one (and I think it says something about my organizational skills that I had six roller handles when usually only two of us paint. I tend to overbuy, I think.) Libby was not happy with the idea of not painting, so I found a paintbrush for her to use.

when we were all done their feet all looked like this. I was only able to grab a shot of Matt's because they were quick to clean up.

I also discovered that Libby likes showers. When you are this covered in paint, a bath just doesn't work.

The room actually looks pretty good and they managed to get less than half a gallon on the floor. And they got to surprise their daddy with their paint job the next morning because I was a stinker and evaded the question when he came home that night. (He asked if I had gotten any painting done that evening. I said I was too tired to paint after I got the kids to bed. I'm so clever.)

So room is painted. We are finishing up electrical and then the carpet will go down. I'm thinking that we'll be completely done by the end of Memorial day. woohoo!


Angela said...

You are very, very brave, we shipped our 2 boys off to my sisters for the weekend when we did our painting. Oh, well, at least you can say it's done!

Don the Younger said...

You are insane Amy.

At least it is done. You guys will really enjoy the new space though.

Mom said...

What a fun memory they will have! The older kids still remember all the "fun" we had building our house. Too bad you were too young to remember.

Kim said...

Well you might be insane, but you are also a good mother. When life handed you lemons (children painting) you made lemonade (let them paint and make memories). Go Amy!