Friday, May 30, 2008

Long time no see

I hope most of you have me on a feed, otherwise you may have given up on me ever updating again. I didn't get sucked into my kitchen (although I'm still enjoying it. You have no idea how nice it is to actually cook these days.) I've actually be taken prisoner by my sewing machine.

I made these:

Isn't she cute? I also used the same pattern to make a sun dress. That is a green background with a butterfly print. Also cute and adorable but I can't get Libby to try it on. She seems to think that dresses are only for Sunday. I hope she gets over that soon. That sundress counts as part of her summer wardrobe.

Matt's pirate shorts. Every time I've gotten the sewing machine out these past few months, he's asked me if I was making something for him. Poor kid. He just doesn't look good in a dress and I hate sewing pants with zippers. I did set aside an hour to make him pirate shorts. They made him happy which made the shorts worth it.

Speaking of pants with zippers, the zipper in these was a pain. I loved the way the looked so much that I bought more plaid to make her another pair.

Right now I'm working mostly on Libby's summer wardrobe. I don't have a lot put away for her this year and I'm enjoying sewing so much that I've decided to make quite a bit for her. So far I've made three pair of shorts, two dresses (one is for Sundays), and a t-shirt for her.

When I'm done sewing for Libby, I get to start sewing for me. That makes me really happy.

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