Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not Dead Yet

So yeah, I disappeared. Life caught up with me. I'm getting maybe two turns on the computer per week this summer and somehow finding out who the Fug Girls have dissed lately is more important than updating which book I read that day on my blog.

I've learned that it really is better for me to not go to the library, that I'm not the type of gardener who should venture past petunias, that tomatoes can grow in a garden full of three foot weeds, that husbands probably shouldn't put together swing sets the week after surgery (but they will anyway just to keep the wife from doing it all herself), that children get tired of each other about six weeks into summer vacation, and parents get tired of summer vacation about three weeks before that.

I'll post pics of Sarah's new hair cut soon. Well as soon as I can kick a kid off the computer long enough to download the pics, edit the pics, and post the pics. It's cute but very dramatic. I'm still getting used to it.

I might post pics of the swing set. That might be pushing it, though. I still have at least three quarters of the library left to read.

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