Monday, December 08, 2008

All Done

With the Christmas dresses anyway. I still have several more projects to do.

Sarah looks cute doesn't she?

She says thank you.
She likes to curtsy too. I think she's the one that taught it to Libby actually. Notice the cummerbund just like her sisters? I'm feeling particularly clever these days. You should see the doll dress that looks exactly like one of Libby's summer dresses right down to the orange ribbon. (You probably will after Christmas. It's a present.)

oh and spin. Every girl loves to spin. She has a bow in back too.

We started a little later than I wanted to when we headed out, but the positive side was I got sunset pictures.


Helena said...

Gorgeous dress, gorgeous pictures!

Cathy said...

Oh she is so pretty. I love it. Very well done.

Joy said...

The dress is amazing! And your daughter looks delightful in it!