Tuesday, October 05, 2010


That should be my nick name. I'm very afraid that the slow water leak from my washer has turned into a not so slow leak. I've been ignoring that leak for months and it's not returning the favor by magically fixing itself. So rude.

There are several reasons why I would ignore a leak in my washer hoses: I don't want to be without a washer for even a day, I'm trying not to think about the cost, the hassle of figuring out what part is bad and ordering it off the internet. But mostly because that leak is a betrayal.

You would not believe what I went through for that washer.

Six months ago my washer went out. It was purchased used and not so hot in the first place, so yeah, pretty expected, although frustrating. I just love pulling a batch of towels out of an undrained washer tub, don't you?

We examined the finances and decided that yet once again we would have to buy another used washer. Joy. I was frustrated. The last one was supposed to die right around tax time so I could justify getting a fancy front loader. The betrayer failed one month later after all the tax money was spent and I had bought new appliances for the kitchen instead.

So we found a guy on Craigslist offering used washers with a warranty! Yeah! I sent Steve off to pick it up on a very busy day. He installed it so I could do my laundry and we discovered the thing didn't work. At all. Not even one freaking load. By this time I had been without a washer for nearly a week. With seven people in the house and me with only five days worth of underwear. It was fun!

I took laundry to my mom's and Steve called the guy back. He was so sorry! He'd have a new washer for us immediately! He'd bring it to us! Right away!

Never freaking showed up. Appointment after appointment missed. No working washer.

I reminded my husband that a friend had offered me a washer for free but we would have to repair it. It was a simple, inexpensive repair, but we would have to get parts online for it.

I was starting week two without a washer.

We got my friend's washer. Rush ordered parts, installed them and yea! I had a working washer! I was so happy I even helped my husband carry the monster down the stairs to the basement. It was a Front Loader. I was more than happy, I was joyous. I happily sang as I washed my laundry.

So when I discovered the wet spot on my laundry room floor right in front of the washer really wasn't drying out, I ignored it.

Wouldn't you?


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