Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Comes With a Name Change

So Libby has decided to be Beth.   She informed me of this in a very off hand manner on Thursday afternoon.   It's been interesting.  She still very much responds to Libby, but she grins and blushes when we remember to call her Beth. 

I asked her yesterday if she had told her friends at school and her teacher that she wanted to be called Beth now.  She said no.  She would just stay Libby at school and be Beth at home. 

"Why do want to be Beth at home and Libby at school?" I asked.

"Because you're my family." She answered. "My family listens to me."

That made me smile.  I'm glad she feels listened to and loved.  : )


Melzy said...

I love her logic and it is just gorgeous that she feels so secure that she knows that her family will listen to her.

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