Monday, August 14, 2006

All New Inside Jokes!

I went to Park City this weekend to hang out with some Squirrels. They were all cute and chittered on about paper and beads. They are also a group of friends of mine and in no way furry because they are quite dilligent with using razors. and not squirrels anyway.

I have a group of friends that meets together every year for a girls weekend. We met on 2 Pea and still talk every single day. I love them all dearly and I very much look forward to our Squirrel retreat every year.

We rented a condo and hung out. I learned how to make jewelry, well as long as someone sits in front of me and I can get all whiny and needy about directions every two minutes. I almost finished our Disney mini album, and would have finished it but aparantly I neglected to print two photos I needed.

I also laughed. a lot. I laughed so hard I cried more than once. We have all new inside jokes and there are words that will send me off giggling that would make the rest of you say "huh?" So I will spare you that.

I've chatted already with them since I got home but I have to say, hey squirrels, I miss you already.


Nicole said...

I miss all of you guys too! It was way too much fun!

April said...

Miss you too Amy!