Thursday, August 17, 2006

Almost Famous

Remember way back in October when I was bragging about getting a story picked up for a Chicken Soup book? Aparently, the Chicken Soup people send out press releases to the local papers of each of the contributors.

I got a call from the local paper. They sent a reporter to my house and she interviewed me. Now, keep in mind that Bedlam is a small town with a very small paper. My reporter graduated from high school two years ago. She showed up with a blank steno and says "I'm not sure what to even ask you." She managed to put together a story, though. It appeared in the paper yesterday along with a cute picture of me with my three girls. Well, my girls look cute.

It was fun and a bit surreal. I've been laughing about being in the paper. I'm sure my attitude about it is perplexing a few people. Honestly, to me being in the local paper with a circ of a few hundred isn't a big deal. And it's a bit of a joke for me. I know so many extremely accomplished women who every day do the most amazing things. They never have the newspaper call. Most people don't even know what they do. I manage to get accepted to a book that does press releases as a brilliant marketing tool, and I get an inteview. It's one of those ironies that I find funny. It's not that I'm making fun of being in the paper. It's just so not deserved, that I have a hard time taking it seriously.

It was fun once and the girls got a kick out of their pictures being in the paper.

ps. Mom, I have a copy. I'll bring it for the birthday party so you can see.


Mom said...

Thanks! I can hardly wait.

Jared of the Glen said...

Wow! My famous sister! Woo-hoo! :)
It's kind of like all those group awards pictures in the Signal, huh Amy?