Friday, January 05, 2007

Reaping the Rewards of Neglectful Motherhood

Matt came up to me as I was having my midmorning break at the computer.

"Libby is cleaning up her marker mess."

Major alarm bells began ringing. "what marker mess?"

"the one she made." Three alarm situation here.

Last night I labeled a Christmas box with a red marker before I took it down to the basement. (Ok, so Steve took that one, but I took some of the others.) Aparently, I neglected to put the marker away.

In five minutes my lovely two year old had managed to decorate her own face and hands, a major portion of the dining table, both media cabinets, a laundry basket, and the TV. Luckily it was a dry erase so the TV is safe. We're not talking about the table. Good thing I like red.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share that I love reading your blog (found it through 2Peas). I have 4 kids (older ... 16 - 24) and so many of your situations bring back memories. Our marker incident took place in our new 'one month old' house while I was on the phone ... me watching a side view of our 3 yo son making long painting motions on the wall (with a black permanent marker I could not see). We were relieved to find leftover paint in the basement :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the fun of 2 year olds and markers!! My youngest used the red on the KITCHEN table that my grandfather made me. Yep. I haven't even told my grandmother. And truthfully probably won't. She lives a ways away and more than likely won't be driving over any time soon. We always visit her, so I think I am in the clear. I keep scrubbing thinking that MAYBE it will one day come out. Then every morning I see red. No pun intended!