Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

yup, school time is back. Thank goodness. I'm glad to get my routine back. My house hasn't been this clean all summer long. Mostly because I'm the one cleaning it this time. there was no way I was cleaning up their messes this summer. They had to do that and they tend to miss corners and skip the vacuuming. ;)
Here's our back to school pic. Aren't they cute? I do it in front of the same tree every year so I get a visual record of how they've grown. Sigh. I still remember the first back to school picture with Sarah in her braid getting off her first ride on the school bus, barely five years old.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I recognize Dida bug's outfit. It still fits? She must not have grown much this summer. Though I see her hair has. Oh they are so cute. Big hugs!