Monday, October 17, 2005

Pandora's Box is now lying empty

Link has been editted. it actually works now.

There is no hope for mankind if these fashions become mainstream. Explore the horror that is the fashion shows of Dior and Jacobs. I realize that the runway crap is not what women wear, but the shapes and details often translate from runway to street. I truly hope and pray for the sake of all mankind that these clothes die the quiet pathetic death they so deserve so we may move on to clothes that actually look good.

(and did you see Jacobs breaking the cardinal law of baggy clothes and putting baggy on top and bottom? ack! give those women cardboard signs and send them to Salvation Army!)


Cathy Bauer said...

I thought bubble skirts went out of fashion for a good reason. Ick! Though I must say I like the baggy jeans they look just like ones I loved from the 80's. I am tired of boot cuts. :)

Ashley G said...

Ummmm... haven't we already done this look? Yeah... why the heck are they going back to the 80's for inspiration? It was bad then. Egads!

Mom said...

Ouch! I can't believe this. I wonder what they'll say on "What not to Wear". They don't seem to like shapeless things.