Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Trials and Tribulations of a SAHM

So I'm trying to start a book club. I'm asking women at church which means I'll probably be subjected to a lot of mediocre Deseret Book titles. (hey, they think Work and the Glory is the best book ever! and while I enjoyed the series, it is not in any way great writing. Come on, I dare you to count "it hit him hard" phrases next time you read it. It'll drive you nuts.) I'm ready to enjoy their book choices because I want the fun and the social aspect of the group. Part of having a book group is reading other people's choices and making them read yours.

Anyway, the first couple of women I asked, I chose very carefully. they seemed to have simmilar intrests to me. They were at the library with their children for reading hour. I figured they must like reading. Their response? "Oh, I don't have time to read!" huh. ok. I've got five kids and suddenly I feel three inches tall because I do take the time to read.

And it is taking the time. You choose what you do with your time. If you choose to have sparkling baseboards, that's your choice. If you choose to watch tv, or sew, or scrapbook, or whatever, that's your choice, and the big part is you can always choose something else. It's so easy to get wrapped up in my current life and how I do things, so easy to forget that I can change my schedule anytime I need to. Some things are set, like school schedules, piano lessons and church, but most of my life is very fluid. I can choose what I do and change my choice when I want something else.

I have found other women who are interested in a book group. A couple of them sounded excited about the idea. I'm excited too.


Sharyn (Torm) said...

I've been using my morning retirement to get back into reading. ;) Like you's all fluid. And...hahahahahhaaha...sparkling baseboards?? what's that????

okay...back to my book now. (I'm reading the Broker by John Grisham. Love and easy page turner now and then...)

chris said...

sometimes I kind of scoff at people who say they have not time because really they have the time, they can make the time, but they just choose to waste it doing other things - it is all about how you organize the time

I know what you mean about book selections. We want to start a book club in our ward too but it is so hard to come up with selections without offending anyone. I read a lot - sometimes 2-3 novels a week. Just finished "Time Traveler's Wife" and "The Broker"

SageHen said...

LOL about the "Work and the Glory". When I worked at Deseret Book I swear there were people who were upset the books were listed in the fiction section.
Since I have better things to do than clean my baseboards, I'd be gladd to join your book club.

Gwyn said...

Amy, I wish we lived near each other, because I, too, have wanted to find a good book club.

As to that other comment, it honestly doesn't matter WHAT the topic, that "I don't have time" remark to me is nothing short of bullying. As you said, we all choose how to use our time, and to make a remark like that seems to belittle your choices. I don't watch NASCAR, I don't *understand* NASCAR, but lots of people love it.
Vive le differance!

Ashley G said...

I used to be in a book club when I lived in Seattle and I loved it. :) ...and I fully agree with you on the time comment. You can find the time to do anything you really want to do. Heck, I'm sure if they turned off the TV that would free up 2-5 hours a day.

Helena said...

We've tried the book club thing here at church a couple of times. Right now they're supposed to be reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (though I may or may not ever hear about the actual meeting of the club, since I'm in Young Women's now). I think I would have a hard time choosing books for a group. My tastes are probably not everyone else's tastes.