Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Popari? Poparet? Poperit? big mess of smelly flower petals

lots of things going on in Bedlam today:

-My camera is back from the hospital! woohoo! I need only to go to Boise to get it. Unfortunately, this happy circumstance can not occur until Saturday.

-My new favorite Jane Austen novel is Persuasion. My frequent readings of Austen in this past week have affected my writing style greatly. I find myself too often influenced by the writings and speeches of others. gotta work on that.

-Libby has learned how to go down stairs and loves to practice this new skill. Heaven help me.

-I have three black capes to make for Halloween. Two vampires and one Darth Vadar. I still have no clue what to dress Libby as.

-my neck is stiff and I'm having a hard time sleeping. I think it's time to buy a new pillow and this time I'm going for something good. no more $5 cotton ball pillows. This time I'm buying goose down!

-Steve wrote his version of the blueberry pancake episoide in his blog, link to the right. It's so much more funny and insightful than mine. Everytime I think I've managed a well turned phrase or a deep thought, he goes and shows me what good writing really looks like. Love ya, babe. ;)


Mom said...

Steve was funny, but I liked your take on the blueberry pancakes better. Your English training still shows. :)

torm said...

I absolutely love steve's post, and i was going to post a long glowing response...but he doesn't accept non-blogger responses...pfft! So...tell him I said so, eh? Loved his version!

Jen said...

Hi just been browsing from blog to blog and found yours. Sorry, but I had to post on Steve's and got carried away. He sounds awesome! From and English blogger