Friday, May 05, 2006

This Is Why I Will Never Be Nominated Mother of the Year

So. I'm going to have eight eight year olds invade my house tomorrow. Ok, seven will invade and one will already be here. And yes, he won't be eight until the next day. Let's stop quibbling over details, shall we? Anyway. Planned a birthday party. Ok, I got emotionally blackmailed and pushed into a birthday party. Joshua will someday be the World's Best Salesman. You think I'm kidding. I'm not. He doesn't stop. I'm lucky I didn't get talked into letting him invite the whole class. You can all be happy for me that he was ok with seven friends because if not, I would have the entire class over here tomorrow afternoon. He's that good.

I"m in total denial about this party. I have not planned any activities. I have not even bought the birthday cake mix. I may just break down and buy a cake. I never buy cakes. I hate store cakes. So nasty! Mine may not look all that great but at least it's worth eating. This is how crazy I am right now. I'm thinking I should buy a ball of some kind. Or maybe water balloons. burlap sacks? rope and duct tape? Valium? These things go through my mind only when I'm thinking about the party, the rest of the time I try to forget I'm doing this. I'm not one of those mothers who lives to do THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!1!!1! I love my kids. I love that they have birthdays and we always have at least two family parties and make a big deal out of them the whole day. We buy them fun gifts, like this year the boy is getting a new bike. However, that many kids gathered together, high on sugar and hyped up from the idea of a party totally stresses me out.

The ignore the party technique worked just fine until last night. Last night when my husband called to confirm a time for a project he had commited to help with three weeks ago. When do they need him? Exactly the same time as the party. Eight eight year olds and just me. Oh and four other children of my own. Don't you wish you were me?


Don the Younger said...

So when my son is bored tomorrow and asks if he can invite Joshua over.....

I should at that point say, hey lets go fishing, huh

Mom said...

I'm told that women don't like to be reminded that they are like their mother, so I'm not going to comment except to say that we will be out of town. Sorry I can't help. ;)

jar said...
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Kristy said...

HA HA! I'm sorry my friend! I TRULY understand what you've gone through.

In Germany Sarah had a sleepover. Invited ALL of the girls in the class, cause we KNEW they wouldn't all be able to come. Um, we were wrong.

Then to make matters worse, Tracey was given a 72 hour duty, and couldn't be at home. That was sheer torture. 12 girls, all night.

Oh my friend....I can relate! ;0)

Helena said...

Dude. Good luck!