Saturday, August 18, 2007

I should really keep my mouth shut.

I was not a nice person at the grocery store today. I ran to the corner store for a couple of things and had to stand in a long line because only one cashier was working. Some friends of the young man in front of me came in and struck up a conversation. They were both wearing full bike leathers and somehow this made the young man proudly proclaim: "I bought purple chaps!" and apparently they were for horse riding.

"what goes with purple chaps?" the biker woman teased him.

I couldn't keep my mouth shut. "A large floral bouquet for the horses rear end?" I said quietly, but loud enough to be be heard. This earned me a glare from the young man.

The teasing continued for another couple of minutes and I stayed out of it until the biker pair teased their friend about how long it was taking him to write a check.

"I'm not allowed to have a credit card." he said.

"well, that's probably a good idea." his friend responded. "a lot of young people your age have way too much credit anyway."

He was disgusted with such a sentiment. "I wouldn't get in trouble. What am I going to buy anyway?"

"Purple chaps." The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.

I'm really quite surprised he didn't key my car.


Don the Younger said...


That's hilarious!

Freer Family said...

LOL! Funny story.

Helena said...

Hahahaha *snort*

Jared of the Glen said...

That sounds like *nothing* I ever would have expected out of you (the being-heard part, not the sarcastic-aside part)! Patti and I have practically started a professional league of inside-asides. You've done well, young Padawan! :)

Cathy said...

Too funny. Yes that young man should not have a credit card. I hate it when people get all chatting in a long line. Save it for a slow day.