Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just a bit Jealous

I want to be my sister today. Today Cathy is helping Karen Burniston work a booth at a scrapbooking convention. That sounds so much more fun than my day and not just because Karen is totally funny on her blog and therefore is probably funny in person or that Cathy is getting paid to do it. Actually I think I'd like to just be there with both of them because Cathy is cool and funny too.

No, I'm jealous because I have had an insane week and it's not over yet. My list today looks like this:
wake up
do laundry
get kids dressed
feed kids
walk three miles (I have a walking buddy, it makes it easier)
go school supply shopping (I took four kids. yes it was awful.)
register Matt for school
call the insurance agent
paint the parts of the siding that have peeling paint (There's quite a bit)
make dinner
get kids ready for bed
fold laundry
finish cross stitch stocking
stay sane

See. It would be so much more fun to be with Cathy and Karen today. I've got good shoes; I would welcome the chance to stand on my feet for eight hours at this point.


Freer Family said...

Just reading your list wiped me out. Hang in there Amy!

Grandmakaye said...

But did you hear about the weather? Cathy called and it was awful. Messed up the whole day.

Cathy said...

It was very fun and you should be jealous. Of course we also experienced our first tornado warning and had to evacuate the building which threw us off our schedule. Of course it also happened just when we were scrambling to prevent one of our displays from crashing down.