Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Caving To External Pressure

I bought a velour jog suit. Yeah, one of those knock off Juicy things, only mine doesn't have inappropriate comments across the behind. It's grey and I bought the jacket as well.

I used to roll my eyes at those silly velour sweats. I thought all those women were just following the latest trend in suburbia. Velour just went with soccer balls and minivans.

Ha! Those women just knew something I didn't know. Velour is comfy. Really, really comfy. It's like wearing pj's all day long only you don't get dirty looks from grandma's at the grocery store in velour.

You do however get rolled eyes from self righteous holdouts.

I can live with that.


Grandmakaye said...

I've never caved to the velour pant suit, but I've known for years that there is nothing comfortable about jeans!

Helena said...

LOL! I've been wearing my flannel pajama pants at home, since they're warmer than my other comfy pants. Mayhap I should look into some velour?