Friday, November 16, 2007


So we went to talk to a cabinet guy today. He came out and did a measure for us yesterday with all the plans ready for us to look at this morning. It looks like a nice kitchen. The problem is that we don't have a nice budget. What I would love is about $1500 more than the cheapest option, the option that's still $800 over budget. (Ok, the kitchen I would love would cost about $10,000 more, but I'd be happy with the much cheaper one.) We may go with that anyway, but it puts our timeline back quite a bit. We would have to wait until our tax return came in to do the kitchen.

So, it's all compromises. What do we give up for this? What is going to have to wait? How can we pinch pennies in other areas to make this happen? Are we even going to have the money to do the other bathroom?

The thing is, there is never enough money. That's life.

It's frustrating some days, though.


Carin said...

Amy budgeting sucks! I hope you get your kitchen soon.

Grandmakaye said...

Remodel always takes longer and costs more than we anticipate. I know from experience.