Thursday, November 08, 2007

Look! It's finished!

I did it! I finished all the kids' stockings by Christmas. I'm pretty proud of myself. Now I just have to sew the stinkers together. Which will involve somehow managing the seam line so I don't over sew the embroidery or under sew too much and show too much fabric. With cording in the seam. Doesn't that just sound like fun?

anyway, here's the stocking my mom did for me:

cool huh? I still need to fill in the name on the top. I kept forgetting to give my mom the chart for the letters so she finally just told me I'd have to do it myself. oops.

And here is Libby's stocking:

Hers was actually the easiest of all. It went quickly, thank goodness.

Now I just need to make Steve's by next Christmas and I'll never have to cross stitch anything ever, ever, ever again. If my children want their kids and spouses stockings to match, I'll loan them the pattern book. ;)


Freer Family said...

Those are amazing!

Your blog banner is making me want donuts, thanks alot, lol!

Carin said...

Those are loverly! I totally understand the cross stitch overload. I have been working on cross stitch stockings for the family for several years.

Kristi said...

Yeah!!! That is so awesome that you made those!! I am sure they will be treasured forever!

Helena said...

Those are gorgeous!