Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All Is Forgiven

Of course, you knew I forgave my husband shortly after his gift faux pas Saturday, didn't you? Because you know the secret to a happy marriage, right?


Get over the slights. Get over the weird stuff that comes out of their mouths. Chances are they didn't mean to hurt or say something off.

Anyway, I was feeling down yesterday and Steve noticed. I didn't tell him what was wrong until today, but he worried about me and wanted to make me feel better. This afternoon he called me from his cell and told me to come look out the living room window. I arrived in time to watch him pull onto our block in the world's most perfect car: The BMW Roadster. Sigh. Sweet little black convertible with only two seats and a five speed on the floor. He borrowed it from a local car dealership to take me out for a drive, only I got to drive.

Yeah, I'm not a car girl, but that was fun. I'm a bit out of practice driving a stick. I could sure get used to that car though. It's a 97 and quite reasonably priced and it gets good gas mileage (allegedly.)

It would mean starting back up with car payments though and I'm not ready for that no matter how cute the car. I sure enjoyed my joy ride, though.

PS. Steve wants to know about how he forgave me. He has his own blog though. Tell your own side of the story, buddy.

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