Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have a major regret from my college years. (Not the student loan thing, although those suck) I wish very much that I had taken a pattern making class. With all the sewing I'm doing lately, I'm finding it very difficult to find patterns to fit the clothes I have pictured in my head. It's very frustrating.

Especially since pattern companies didn't get in on the vanity sizing act and a size 16 in patterns is exactly the same size it was 30 years ago and most definitely to small to fit my normally size 16 chest. About 3-4 sizes to small. Which means I must buy plus size patterns.

Plus size patterns stink. That's all I'm saying. For the most part, the blouses are all either basic button up or a tunic. I look terrible in a tunic. Since I have an hour glass figure and gain weight proportionally all over my body, wearing an item of clothing that hangs straight down is exactly the wrong look for me. I basically look about 20-30lbs heavier. It's awful.

I want a plus size blouse pattern that is shaped at the waist. I want a feminine blouse pattern, with gathers and shaping and cute sleeves. Apparently, I want too much. Hence my desire for a pattern making class. If I had, I could at least have the skills to alter existing patterns to fit me and maybe even design some cute patterns of my own.

Of course, since I can't even manage to get the clothes I have patterns for sewn, It doesn't seem to make that much difference anyway.

Goal today: at least cut out the brown skirt.

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