Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Analgesic Bandaids

You know, you don't have to buy special ones to get this. All bandaids have analgesic properties, but only in users under the age of ten.

Last night Joshua hurt his foot. Steve gave him a bandaid and Joshua went off happily to bed, content in the knowlege that his scrape would no longer hurt just because there was a bandaid on it.

This morning Joshua is up and roming the house for an hour with no problems at all. Then suddenly, he starts hopping on one foot and moaning. He had just noticed his bandaid had fallen off over night. He hopped to Steve to show him the sore, which Steve declared healed enough to go without a bandaid. Joshua argued with his dad about that; Joshua's main point: it still hurt. Of course, it didn't hurt before he noticed the bandaid was missing and technically the bandaid wouldn't help that anyway. Joshua didn't think his dad was using logic at all. Steve distracted him with a minor biology lesson and Joshua left content, if not completely satisfied . . . but not hopping.

Makes me wish bandaids were still magic for me, too.


AmyG said...

oh this is SO Maegan. she finally has her own box of band-aids. lol

karen said...

Have you tried? Because I still find band-aids rather magical. Wrap a cartoon one around your finger - just fake the owie - and see if you aren't smiling within a minute!

Jess said...

This makes me laugh. Emma is currently limping around with a band aid on the bottom of her foot covering a wound no one can see. But it stopped her whining, so it's all good :)

Anonymous said...

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