Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Hits

and I mean that quite literally. Summer always hits me between the eyes. I don't see it coming. I'm happily enjoying the beauty of late spring, the flowers, the weather, the bird song, and then BOOM! it's the last week of May and my peace is at an end.

Summer is in full swing in Bedlam. We have been doing baseball/softball/t-ball (which I always call baseball and woe betide the nitpicky child who knows what I mean and still chooses to correct me when everyone is yelling and three people need to be in three different places involving a sport of some kind at the same time.) We have a few weeks left of _____ball. The kids are enjoying it but then we don't take sports seriously around here.

We also have a pool pass. I'm still using it in the mornings, but there are times when I think life would have been easier if we had bought an individual pass instead of a family pass. This moring we went to swim lessons, then to lunch at the park and then back to the pool for free swim. By the time we were done I was done. I'm almost ready to start ingesting caffine just to get me through the summer.

So does Mountain Dew taste as bad as cola? ;)


torm said...

mountain dew is pure sweet/sugar tasting. kinda gross, actually..but addictive. lol

Kristi said...

Amy- I totally understand the running around to ball games/swimming lessons, etc. It can definitely wear you out quickly!

Cathy B said...

Mountain Dew is oh so good. Not like cola at all. Just yummy sweetness and a few bubbles. Cpme to the dark side Amy. Be rebelious like me. Then Dad won't be able to give me a dirty look because you would be there and he would have to do funky things with his eyes.