Monday, June 12, 2006

Lasts and Firsts

Steve found a a cute toddler bed at a yard sale this weekend. Since the crib was worn out, we decided to make the switch right away. When the bed got brought into the house, we introduced Libby to it. She sat on it and thought it was the best thing ever.

So I took Rilla and Josh to their ball games and came home to the crib in the trash and the new bed in place. She had napped in her crib but Daddy had neglected to take a picture of her last time sleeping in a crib. He doesn't think like a scrapbooker. Her first night in the bed was hard. She didn't go to sleep until eleven and then was up twice in the night. Sunday she just didn't nap and then at bedtime fell asleep on the floor. I woke up this morning to this:

on the floor again with an empty bed. She refused to sleep in it. At least she didn't wake me up to tell me about it. LOL!

the transition has been harder for Libby than it has for any of the other kids. This is the youngest we've ever made the switch and it shows. She just wasn't quite ready for the bed. I konw she'll love it in a week when she's used to a bed she can get into and out of by herself, but right now, it's not what she's used to so she's resisting.

Part of me wishes we could go back to the crib. I wasn't ready for her to make this switch either. As long as she was in a crib, she was still a baby. She's in a toddler bed. She's a little girl. It's weird to think that I will never have need for a crib again. Right now, Libby is napping in her little bed, too tired to resist the bed anymore. Laying peacefully on her pillow and catching up on all the sleep she shorted herself over the last few days. I think she's starting to transition. It's a bittersweet moment.


karen said...

Awww. That poor little bean! I love the picture - that's a page in the making, m'dear.

Mom said...

And to think that I never took a picture of kids sleeping in their crib or their new bed! Will everyone be scared for life?
Cute picture, btw.

torm said...

ooooooooh, what a sweetheart!

Holly said...

How sad is that picture of her on the floor! ;o) She'll get used to it...but it is a sad moment, huh!

oceans4 said...

What a sweetie. My almost 3 year old HATES her big girl bed and refuses to sleep in it most of the time. It has been about a year since we made the transition. Still holding onto hope.LOL.

Kristy said...

Awww...Amy this is so sweet! Love that photo. I can't believe our little people are getting so big. It sort of rips my heart out!