Monday, June 26, 2006

T-minus 3 days and counting

Did I ever mention why I'm not blogging much these days? It's because I'm busy. not busy as in trying to get out and have fun with the kids. Busy as in going insane with all the stuff I have to do and none of it is really for me busy.

1. My sister is getting married on Saturday. It will be a lovely outdoor ceremony in a beautiful location with lots of beautiful things. She is also doing this wedding for under $2500 which means lots of stuff has to be made. Including the attendants' dresses. In my family, this means three. (my poor oldest sister had to sew five. ) Two are done and hanging in the closet and I'm working on mine right now. I'm excited to get to wear mine, because a girl can only be excited about ivory duponi silk, but I'm not excited to sew it.

2. My sister in law is getting married on the 8th. I'm not doing a lot of prep work for that but I am doing the photos. I'm starting to get a rash thinking about taking pictures in an LDS Church cultral hall. Think of the worst elementary school lighting you know. It's about that bad. I dont' think even custom white balance is going to help when the light from the bright side is white and the light from the shadowed side is a sickly green-yellow.

3. My brother decided to move his wedding from August to . . . . the 8th. which means my imediate family misses his reception and I have to be up at 6am so we can make it to his marriage at 9am an hour away, do pictures right afterward and go another 60 miles to my SIL's wedding.

4. because my sister and brother are getting married a week apart, much of the family is staying the full week. My oldest sister and her family are staying with us. They show up on Thursday. This means I'm expected to deep clean. I'm thinking she'll be lucky if my deep cleaning gets as far as the computer desk. I'll make sure the floors are picked up and vaccuumed but the baseboards are just going to have to go undusted because . . .

5. I have also had several photo shoots this month. Not complaining. I love that I'm getting business. However, it does add stuff on my schedule.

6. I still have laundry for seven people.

7. I still have to feed seven people. (and I do not have the money to let the restraunts cook it for us for the next week.)

8. I still have to take care of my kids and schlep them to swimming lessons.

9. after the weddings I get to proof the photos.

10. I have two fonts to make as well, hopefully to be done in July.

Luckily I get a mommy sanity trip the beginning of August. I think I'm going to need it.


Cathy B said...

Yep you are busy. I was just thinking about the list of things I need to do to get ready for the bachelorette party on Thursday and I don't have anyone staying with us. Well at least that I know of. And I don't have that third wedding. Have fun. see you on Thursday. Oh I do have a SimplyFun launch party tomorrow night to deep clean for so we are somewhat even now. Oh well I could never compete with your five kids.

Mom said...

RS Pres offered to help me wash windows. I said, "No windows". If I wash one, I have to wash them all, and there just isn't time to do them all! BTW Spent $400 on food yesterday, too. It'll all be over soon.

Kristy said...

YOU CAN DO IT AMY! I so wish I were there to help.

Remember, don't forget to post photos of the dresses! I'm still dying to see!

Amy B. said...

Cathy you make me laugh.

you forgot the working full time and going to school full time you are doing. I think you are at least as busy as I am. ;)

not that this is a contest. LOL!