Monday, April 09, 2007

He'd be thrown out of Circus Circus

Steve and I really love Smallville. We get it from Netflix and have never watched Smallville during the regular season schedule, which means we are a season behind and know nothing of what's going to happen in episodes that come after whatever disc we are watching at that time. The other night we were watching the last disc of season 4, when Steve again declared his pet theory that the writers would kill off Chloe, one of Clark Kent's best friends. This is not a theory I subscribe to, so I scoffed at him. He said, "alright, I bet you she dies by the end of season four." I jumped at the offer and we decided on an agreeable wager.

I was, of course, right. Steve was somewhat put out that I won that one.

Two nights later, I came home from a church activity and Steve offered to watch Smallville with me. We had the first disc of season five by then. We settled in for the second episode and Steve turned to me. "Double or nothing . . . Clark dies." he declared with the air of someone who's pulling a theory out of thin air. I jumped at that bet. Who would believe that Clark dies? Clark is Superman for pete's sake. He's the main character. No show kills off the main character.

And this I believed whole heartedly right up until the moment that Clark gets shot in the stomach. At the end of season four he had given up his powers to be normal, so the bullet does the same damage it would to any human. I was in shock, not because of the plot, but because my husband had called it. He sat gleefully at the other end of the couch watching me. "they aren't going to kill off Clark. That's stupid. He'll have to have a last minute recovery." "So if he flatlines, does it count." "yeah, if the doctors call it, it counts." and two minutes later, Clark flatlines and the doctors call it.

No way. Shocked. I tell you. shocked. Steve is practically jumping up and down on his end of the couch laughing. "how did you guess that?!"

"oh, well, I watched it while you were gone looking for something you would bet against."

I threw a pillow at him. And I still won the bet.


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