Thursday, April 05, 2007

Beware the Placemat Purse

Most of my life I've done the perfectly practical thing of carrying just one purse. I buy some bag that's less than $20 and is small to medium, always brown leather. They are, of course, simple and practical and only contain exactly enough to get my by.

But deep down I've had a little purse envy. It's fun to have bags to match your outfits. I knew this about myself, but I had no idea what I had unleashed with the placemat purses. I have two now, by the way, in case you missed that. I would change them according to my outfit and I was proud to carry them. Window shopping for fabric has become a pasttime of mine. carries Amy Butler fabric and someday I will finally decide which pattern I want for my library bag. Amy Butler used to be my choice for a church bag, but my oldest sister carries a leather bag and it's beautiful. I've been leaning that direction this last week or so.

A lovely natural fiber purse with red patent leather trim was added to my collection last week, along with a new wallet to facilitate purse switching. I seem to have also picked up the habit of carrying things like a fold up hairbrush (which will get hair elastic added to it soon) a nail file, lip gloss, and a small pad of paper, all of which does not facilitate purse switching but does facilitate daily life.

I've also taken to sketching purses I'd like to make. Fabric ones, leather ones, it doesn't matter. I always have such a hard time finding exactly what I want, I think it would be fun to make it.

So if you happen to know a good place to get baby pink leather by the square foot, let me know. ;) (I'm serious here. I've had a terrible time finding it. and I neeeeeed a pink purse. It's a sickness. )

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Don the Younger said...

Such a funny post and not one mention that it was your birthday!

I am shocked, shocked I tell you :)