Friday, April 13, 2007

Taking my husband's background into consideration

Joshua: Why does the oven timer say 23 minutes?

Me: Because that's when the house blows up. (Yes, I am that type of parent)

Family discussion about bombs and home evacuation ensues and then degenerates to Joshua's discussion about how he would diffuse the bomb.

Me (to Steve): So when you diffuse a bomb, do you cut the wire giving power to the bomb or the one leading away?

Steve: I don't do either. I just run.

Me: how many bombs have you been around?

Steve: ummm . . . .

Me: Not counting the ones you and your brother's built.

Sigh. He's not a terrorist. He was just a bored teenage boy in a rural town with four brothers.


Don the Younger said...

No Comment

Amy B. said...

says the fire obsessed guy who also grew up in a rural town. ;)

Don the Younger said...

Just because I joined the fire department so I could play with fire and fireworks does not mean I am "fire obsessed".

I mean really, I do other stuff too. Given enough time, I might remember them too.

Steve said...

If you two don't stop fighting I will turn this car around right this minute . . . Sorry, maybe I should have let your mom say that. Once again, I feel that I have to defend my past. One more time for the record: We didn't blow up anything important. Love ya more.

Amy B. said...

well, of course, you do other things Don. you blow up stuff on your computer games. it's totally different. ;)

LOL, Steve.