Monday, May 23, 2005

the checkbook is under the gerbil

I have to tell a story.

Many moons ago, I owned a medium sized purse. not too huge but it had absolutely no divisions or seperations in it of any kind. it was one big pocket. I liked this purse. Easy to carry and easy to dump stuff in.

One evening I went to a crop with my friend Becky. I was thirsty and needed a drink, so I bought a soda in a bottle at a convience store. I had a lot of other much more imporant things to carry with me, so I dumped my soda in my purse. Becky had no idea it was in there until about an hour later when I pull this soda bottle out. She laughed, "are there small animals in there too? are you sure there's not a rabbit in that thing?"

I have never lived this moment down. Over time my purses have gotten smaller (I buy cheap ones, you remember, so I tend to change every couple of years) and they are always measured by how big of an animal I can carry.

I think this current one could fit two house mice. So what do you think, Becky, should I test it?

1 comment:

Becky said...

Oh yea, at least a couple of mice. ;)