Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Just have to add that

. . . I’ve got an inferiority complex. The latest issue of Paperkuts came yesterday with my article on page 22. so I looked through the whole magazine and then came back again to my article. Yuck. Seriously. The rest was better. Sadly, the part of the mag I liked least was my part. Makes me want to write an apology to the readers of PK. Sorry ladies. If I ever get another chance I’ll try to do better.

. . . . Matt’s latest thing when he’s sad is to say “not again!” I don’t know what repeated thing he’s protesting but he says it in the most despondent voice. This morning he seemed to be sad that he woke up again. I am an evil mommy and I think it’s cute.

. . . . my parents are coming over this afternoon so I can help them with a computer program. They have a laptop so they are portable. I have a crappy van that I can’t leave town in, so I am not. I’m hoping they don’t notice what a mess my house is.

. . . I am going to start a new diet. It will be called the “Full Length Mirror” diet. Just the sight of myself in the mirror should turn my appetite. Now I just need to buy the mirror.


Becky said...

Haven't seen the newest issue yet, but I'm SURE it's not as bad as you think. :) We're always the hardest on ourselves.

As for that full-length mirror diet...I've got a mirror you can have if you want. I'm in denial! LOL

Sharyn said...

STOP IT!!! Silly goose! Your part of the mag is awesome, I'm certain!!!

Full length mirror diet. I love it. I just picked up some full length pictures of me last night and cried myself to sleep. Blech!!!! And today I get to go for my 6 week...way to make a gal feel worse. ;(

lisa said...

i LOVED your article! and i so had a DUH moment when you talked about opening the stapler and using a pad under your paper to get those hard to reach places. LOL. i've seriously replanned LOs when i couldn't get staples where i wanted them.