Sunday, May 22, 2005

The consequences of marrying a man who can sing

I do love listening to Steve sing. He has a wonderful voice and one of my favorite things is listening to him compose a new song in the next room. I love the soft mumble with the real lyrics drifting in and out as he works them into the melody. (He composes like Seal, with guitar and melody first, then lyrics.)

There is a price though. Everyone somehow thinks that because my husband can sing, I can sing. I don't know, maybe they think talent is somehow just sitting there on his lips waiting for me to catch it when I kiss him. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for my mother. The woman has heard me sing in public. Usually at her own insistance. (there are not enough rollyeyes in IMland for this.) I can carry a tune ok on my own, in my own house, when there is no one around. But I'm still far from someone you would go out of your way to listen to. you stick me in front of a group of people and I sound like Peter Brady singing "changes." not a lovely sound. So back to my mother. She's decided she wants me to sing. Well, she wants my family to sing. Since I have a husband and children with lovely voices, I get bundled in to it, too. Oh, and not only do we get to sing, we get to sing in Japanese. In church. In front of her Ward. 250 people. I'll bet you are all (all five of you, woohoo! numbers are going up!) wishing you were me today, huh? ;)

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THM said...

And I get to sit out in the congregation and listen, lucky me.
Amy, the secret is to sing very quietly, but move your mouth as though you were singing loudly. If you can then get the others to sing loud enough to make up for you, which should be easy, no one will notice.