Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ordinary Household Magic

They say it really does exist, that it is out there somewhere; you just have to find it. I’ve been looking for over a decade and I still haven’t found it. It’s very elusive, that bottom of the laundry hamper.

I try to do two batches of laundry a day. I still very seldom see the bottom of the hamper. There will be this brief glimpse as I transfer the clothes out to the basket, but when I come back in the bathroom, the bottom is gone again. It’s like the widow’s cruse of oil Elijah gave her, never empty.

My laundry also seems to have a magic power of spreading itself all over. (as I wax into simile again) like gas in a confined space, it spreads to fill the volume it’s given. Socks appear in corners, ironing (that really doesn’t get ironed, I just pretend) drapes itself across the couch. I do try to keep it contained, never happens though.

I keep looking forward to someday when I have a laundry room in the basement and a family room to fold the clothes in. My living room will stay clothing free. Except for the socks. Socks never seem to be where they belong. Oh, and even with a pretty laundry room, I fully expect to never find the bottom of the hamper.

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LemmingLord said...

You are responsible for the laundry of seven people?? I can not begin to comprehend what that must be like. Is it like watching table tennis? Washer-Dryer-Fold-Washer-Dryer-Fold...