Thursday, September 08, 2005

And She's Off!

Rilla is reading. Really reading. I think it's clicking for her. I knew she was getting very close to being able, so I checked out a Dick and Jane book from the library. I love Dick and Jane for early reading. The often repeated words are great for helping her have success and early recognition of high frequency words. The stories only introduce one or two new words each time, so she gets more confident the more she reads the book.

We have been reading Dick and Jane together two nights now. After I'm done helping her, she goes on to read some by herself. It's so cute to listen to her as she reads words she knows and carefully sounds out the ones she doesn't. Sometimes she does a wild guess but we slow down and I encourage her to sound out each letter to be sure she gets the word right.

I love that she is reading now. I love that she wants to read. I hope that she develops the same love for books that the rest of us have.


Rhoda said...

Wow, reading at five!! Very impressive :)
Want to come give us some notes?? We are getting site words, some. The crazy thing is that she can understand when we spell something, even if we intentionally change the topic of conversation and don't offer any context clues. How does she do that??!!
You have an adorable family, and I love reading your posts :)
P.S. glad you got your mojo back!

April said...

Yay Rilla! How cool to be reading. And I agree Amy, those books are fabulous for that level.

Jess said...

So psyched for her! And you--I love watching Jake's reading grow and grow. How exciting!

THM said...

Many very brilliant people started reading in kindergarten. Some of us, err, I meant them, the brilliant people, were even six before they really got the hang of it. ;)

Helena said...

Awww, that's so cool!