Thursday, September 22, 2005

They Finally Got Me

I have never been very tempted by the Swiffer. The idea of a broom that I couldn't use unless I bought particular dust cloths really repelled me. I could just see myself doing cost per use averaging, "it cost me 50 cents to sweep my floor today. I had better just skip it tomorrow." I'd be pulling out the old broom and letting the swiffer sit. Because a swiffer doesn't just cost $20 the first time you buy it, it cost something every single time you use it. It's really a slam dunk product for the company. Once they get you to buy the broom, you're hooked and they will get money from you as long as you use the product.

Of course, then they had to come out with fancy new products in the swiffer line. I thought the deep ridges clothes were kind of cool. Sadly, those are the kind that I would have to use in this house, what with the dirt from seven feet and the dog hair. The Swiffer Jet is pretty cool too. A mop without a bucket is always a handy thing. It intrigued me, but never really temped me. I have a mop that is basically free to use sitting in my closet right now. I paid $5 for it two years ago and cost per use is sitting under a penny.

Oh but then Swiffer had to come out with that stupid vaccuum. And about the same time I got an area rug in my living room. Right now I have to get out the broom and vaccuum every day to keep my livingroom floor clean. Besides the fact that my full sized vaccuum is hard on my woven rug, it's akward and a pain to break out every day. Now that Swiffer vaccuum thing would be perfect. I could dust mop the floor and vaccuum the rug with one shiney new, lightweight pretty toy. It would be easy. I would do it every day. My floors would be pretty and shiney and the Millenium would be ushered in.

See, I need me one of those vaccuum things. Oh and while you're buying me one, could you pick up one of those Mr. Clean mop thingys so I can mop the floor around my toilet without having to get down on my knees? thanks.


Becky said...

Teehee....I LOVE my Swiffer. It's made my life much easier, and my floors much cleaner.

Gonna have to check out that Mr. Clean thing, though. That sounds cool!

Helena said...

I first read "dirt from seven feet" as "seven feet of dirt." Now that would be bad.

I don't think I've seen this vaccuum of which you speak! If you get one, can you post a picture?

(I've always had a hard time spelling "vaccuum.")

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