Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fashionista Wanna-bes

Knee high boots were so cool when I was a teen. They were also expensive and I was expected to buy all my own shoes. I never had a pair. I think I was a bit scared of them. They were the ultimate cool person shoe. They had to be worn with just the right outfit or you looked like an idiot. I still wanted them, I was just too chicken to do it.

So last fall, Steve and I were at Wally's and they had a pair of knee high boots in the perfect color and just my size (which is rare at discount places because I wear a wide.) I did not want this latest reincarnation of the fashion to pass me by. I love them. I wear them quite a bit. A couple of weeks ago when I was wearing them Sarah asked if she could have a pair like mine.

Of course!

So Saturday when we were at Wally's buying her jeans, we found boots on clearance in her size. And wouldn't you know it, they had them in Rilla's size too.

Don't we look cute?

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Carin said...

I always wanted knee high boots sigh but I have big calfs from swimming as a teen so none of them fit me double sigh! I am sure you are all adorable in your boots.