Saturday, July 22, 2006

permissiveness strikes again

Did I mention my son will grow up to be a used car salesman. He's got a great mind, very intelligent, but he could sell a sedan to a cowboy.

This week my salesman is sporting a mohawk. yup, sides shaved, long on top. It's as ugly as hair can get. And I let him do it. He wanted one so he worked on us for weeks. Every time I talked about cutting his hair, he would mention how I was going to cut it into a mohawk. This is his system, by the way, he talks about his wishes as if they are fait acompli. There is no "If" in his brain. It's always when.

I am going to shave the ugly thing off tonight. I may let him do it up once just because his hair is so perfect for the punk boy look. It's so corse and thick it practically stands on it's own. Then it's gone. Six days of fun I could handle.

Now that he's got his way on this, we're steeling ourselves up for the next battle on the horizon. It should come around about the end of August. It seems he's convinced himself that his father is going to give him $150 at the end of the summer. He's already started talking about it. Planning what he's going to buy. I'm ready to hide my wallet because there's no telling how much he'll be able to talk us out of.

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Cathy B said...

Joshua is hilarious. Perhaps he is ready to "help" with the budget. You know supply him with the bills and such and see if he can squeeze out $150 from the budget solely for his own spending proclivities. Of course you have to monitor him carefull to ensure he doesn't leave out important things such as groceries. Of course I have only heard of this method being helpful in books so meh.