Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bet you don't know what Giraffes have in common with Louis Carrol

We had no idea the variety of noises among wildlife until Matt clued us in. Silly us, we thought giraffes didn’t make much noise at all, if any. And deer! They are pretty silent creatures. Kangaroos, rabbits. All quiet. This is not the case apparently.

Matt first showed us his talent for discovering the hidden sounds in animals with his giraffe obsession that started twelve months ago. He would name animals by the sound they made. Since no one told him what a giraffe “said,” he found out for himself. He would raise his little dimpled arm over his head and say “deeedle deeedle deedle!” yup. That’s a giraffe, or a deedle if you’re Matty.

Now deer and kangaroos and bunnies are another matter altogether. Those all say their own names. “Deerdeerdeer” really quickly and clipped.

Who knew my son was such a genius?


Colleen said...

what a smart child he is indeed. Now I know what to ask when our young ones ask what Giraffes sound like!

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Matt is such a card! LOL