Tuesday, April 19, 2005

this is Matt

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He's my three year old and a very goofy boy.  He loves to pretend he's a dinosaur or a monster.  His favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star.  he loves to twist my hair around his fingers (i am thinking hair will become a life long obsession with this kid) He wants to be just like his older brother and sisters.  He begs to make cookies with me.  he throws fits and refuses to be potty trained, so as much as I love him, I really just want to ship him off to someone else for a week to potty train this kid.   get it done and over with.  I'm not very good at it anyway.  I have heard all the tricks, but they don't help if you're not consistent.

so,anyone want a three year old for a week?  he's really cute.  but please don't bring him home until he's potty trained!


Gwyn said...

Oh Amy, I miss my three year olds, potty trained or not!

Send the potty chair and he can visit.
Can't promise he'll be trained, though. I was pretty lackadaisical about that, too!

Colleen said...

Amy you could take mine and potty train him while you are at it!!

Love your blog